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Flyers and Invitations.

When trying to choose between a flyer and a leaflet, it can be quite confusing as to which is actually better. The terms are often used interchangeably, so you can find yourself asking, what is actually the difference? 

As with leaflets, flyers are great for hand-outs or sticking through letterboxes, but flyers are generally printed on thicker paper or card helping to give your message a bit more weight. Because of this, they are great to use for invitations as well, whether it be for a wedding or other special event. Flyers are another great form of tangible advertising - the fact your customer can physcially hold the flyer means you are already half way to getting your message across. It's easy to include coupon codes or vouchers in your flyer creating a easy way of measuring how successful your marketing campaign has been. 

Got your perfect design ready? Upload it online, and our expert printers will do the rest, putting your design on paper (or card!). If you would like some creative imput, just ask away! Our designers will be happy to create something for you or tweak an exisiting design, so just get in touch.  






Uncoated Flyers


Need something smooth and simple, but that still packs a punch? Perhaps an Uncoated Flyer or Invitation is the option for you.

Our uncoated flyers have an understated, chic feel. Printed on thicker card, they have a durable feel ensuring your message lasts. Perfect for handouts and wedding invitations, these flyers have a calm and sophisticated look that will no doubt leave an impression.

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 Uncoated flyers


 Gloss and Matt flyers







Matt and Gloss Laminated Flyers


Give your flyer a little more 'pop' by adding matt or gloss lamination. Gloss coating adds a subtle sheen that creates a sophisticated look, whereas matt lamination offers a more subtle but luxurious feel. 

Laminating your flyers can really help enhance the look by increasing the vibrancy of the colours and images used, and helps provide a professionally looking sheen that you can be proud to put your name to.

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Spot Gloss Flyers


If you want to make a stunning impact with your next promotional push, perhaps a spot gloss finish is right for you! These bold and brilliant prints are sure to catch the eye and ensure your company sticks in the mind of your customer.  

Spot gloss can be a fantastic design tool, drawing the eye to certain areas, whether it be the logo, headline or particular graphics, and making sure they stand out. However you choose to add a spot gloss, it will undoubtably add interest and encourage people to look at your flyer more closely.

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 Spot Gloss flyers



 Shaped flyers





Shaped Flyers


Bespoke cut-out shapes are a fantastic way of making your flyer stand out from the crowd and really adding impact to your marketing campaign. 

Combined in the right way, shaped flyers are the most memorable of all other finishes, and adds that element of fun. Our flyers are die-cut to shape, so we can create a creative and unique design for you. 

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Embossed Flyers


Add an elegant touch using some stylish embossing. The raised details adds an impressive feature to your flyers or invitations bringing attention to certain areas of the design.

Embossing is a subtle yet dynamic way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is the logo, or simply additional design elements that are raised, it won't fail to catch the eye, and make your customers pay attention to your flyer.


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 Embossed flyers


 Foil Flyers





Foil Flyers


Add some sparkle to your flyers and invitations with the use of gold or silver foil. These showcards will get you noticed liked nothing else, and will give a truly luxurious feel.

This speciality technique produces your artwork in foil stamped onto the card for stunning results and is perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of flair and elegance to their invitations or flyers.

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